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About Atelier Automobiles Anciennes
Atelier Automobiles Anciennes   For perfection in classic automobile restoration Atelier Automobiles Anciennes deserves your consideration. As the head of a family-owned business dedicated to top-notch customer service, Dominique Tessier has more than 25 years experience in automobile restoration like ASTON MARTIN, BUGATTI, DELAGE, DELAHAYE, HISPANO, JAGUAR, MERCEDES, RENAULT, ROLLS ROYCE...

He is supported by a team of technicians professionally trained in all phases of body work, sheet metal fabrication, welding, mechanical and electrical system repair and renovation, interior restoration and authentic refinishing. Many projects may require extensive research, a challenging hunt for rare original parts or fabrication of the missing ones. At Atelier Automobiles Anciennes, quality is the most important feature of any restoration.
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Voisin des records
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Delahaye 135 M coupé
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roasster 135
Premiers essais au mois de mars dernier avec une pause au Château d'Artigny